25 January 2016 @ 01:24 am
I'm keeping the basic story intact, but I'm revising names and all that. I didn't like the old names. They didn't flow well and I think I've grown a slight bit more in my character names.

Daniyel Everart ---> Maxian le Renaulf
Jean Michel Everart ------> Gerard le Renaulf
Elisabetta de Loacharno --------> Romanda de la Marietti
Lucille Everart-------> Cahlette le Renaulf

There is another supporting character who is entirely new. She's currently going by the name Dora but again I used my old naming method for her.

Also trying to think of a new name for the continent there are on. Right now in my notes, I am calling it Kentrole. I like it because it kinda sounds like control *Janet Jackson voice*
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