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19 May 2013 @ 07:34 am
Happy Snowflake Day

Oh my god you guys I love this game. They had Snowflake Day and Ash invited over family and friends and it was just so adorable. And I also discovered another perk from the Seasons pack. Everyone that works got a holiday bonus. I don't think it works like that for the skill based careers but yeah Deb got what the game said was an "average" bonus of about 2,000 but then she is in the Medical career, so yeah.

My game was messing up because I wasdumb enough to download something from the Exchange. So I ran a clean game in Moonlight Falls with the Swains and everything seemed to work correctly. Then I put in some CC and it ran fine. Lastly I added my mods and everything seemed to work fine, so I'm pretty sure it was from one the houses I downloaded that caused it, so yeah.

Other than Sims, I wrote around 600 words yesterday, though I only posted 250 of them. I'm just getting lazy about posting my stuff. I think I might have at least 30 pieces that need to be posted. Plus I need to add links to the indexes and finish posting my backlog of fics...oh my. Oh and speaking of original fiction Anna and Henri broke up in my game and now Anna has a baby by VJ Alvi...lmao!
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15 April 2013 @ 03:34 am
I'm a little miffed right now. Both at myself and greedy people in general. I should have looked over that contract first before I signed it. I mean that much money for interest does seem like a lot. The amount I got was slightly higher than before, but damn that interest...sigh.

But next month I'll be finished.

I've settled on this computer to replace my old desktop. It has way better specs to run Sims 3 and that's really important to me. I'm getting it refurbished though because I can't afford a completely new one on my income but Martel said refurbished is just as good and I checked and the seller is certified and their ratings are stellar.

I've been writing and what not. I need to finished posting my backlog of fics and post the ones languishing on my thumb drive.

Oh and the MyHeritage Family Tree Builder really hates illegitimate children it seems. I can't set the familial relationships between a mother and father that weren't married. Or I can but it gets reset with the spouse if the woman married someone other than her child's father. So yeah.
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11 April 2013 @ 02:41 am
Hello my very fair friends!

I have spent the past two days downloading and reinstalling all of my Sim games. It took awhile, but most of them have been installed as of 2: 42 am and now I reinstalling my store content. I haven't fired up the game yet and I'm still not sure how good the game will look with all the EPs installed, but I only heard Adrianne's fan fire up four times during the whole installing process, so I hope she can handle it.

And I've been writing. I think I've written about 4,000 words since Sunday. I really missed my characters. Now I need to post the ones I somehow haven't posted yet because I am lazy. And then I need to go and post each story to its journal. Which isn't so bad, but it's April and I have stories that were originally posted in early March. But at least I'm not writing at my usual pace or it'd be much longer.
Lady DT
07 April 2013 @ 06:14 am
The computer is...still messed at the moment. Sill me had to go and unplug shit. Now though the cards are installed correctly, a cable isn't plugged in correctly. I got the disc after literally beating the hell out of the thing and out the drive, so yeah.

But the upside to all of this? I developed an idea for one of my worlds. It came about when I saw that the extra points at writerverse called for a crossover and it got me to thinking about it and so everything started developing. I haven't written the first full piece for it yet, but the crossover between the TRW world and the TWOTW verse.

Oh and my fucking hands still hurt. And at least I know how a computers works on the inside now XD
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21 March 2013 @ 08:53 pm
Hey guys. I got a late start on my schedule though I woke up early and had breakfast, but I went back to sleep before waking up around 11 am and taking a bath and reading 50 pages of Scandalous Desires.

Anyway it was about an hour later that I fired up the game. I had intended to play until Deb and Ash became teens, but there was another birthday that needed to be celebrated plus a holiday.

Boogy Woogy

Holly wanted to dance, so I let her do that. I have to say that dance floor is ultra cute.

I'll Take That One

I had Aaron got get some food because I like having them eat foods okay?

Ash Egg Hunting Deb Egg Hunting

The twins went egg hunting.

Face Painting

And Ash got his face painted. Deb also took a greeting card photo with her Dad. Holly was still dancing.

Happy Middle Age Holly!

They celebrated Holly's birthday when they got home.

New Hairdo

Terrible picture, but she still looks good for a woman with five kids right?

I also wrote today. I don't know but I've been writing more pieces taking place back in what I've termed the "Tenabara" period. The central character is Stefan. I usually work more with the female characters, but Stefan is interesting to write considering his background and the people in his life and his motivations. So I think I'm going to explore his world more and his relationships or lack therefore of.

Preparing to watch Scandal. I missed TVD because...idk my head is not on straight today.
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09 March 2013 @ 03:39 am
Hey guys! Here's an update.

Sims: Holly has officially graduated with a perfect GPA! Fucking ace man! Though the game recognizes that she graduated and I sat there and watched her change into her robes, I don't see her degree in inventory. I'm kinda pissed because I wanted that extra motherfucking trait. But it's all good. Holly's at home, she adopted a kitten, and her "romantic interest" is coming over and then I'm going to shack them up and take a honeymoon. But I don't know if honeymoons exist in Sims 3, I'm mostly thinking about Sims 2. But Holly has a wish to go to Sim Shangla and I said why the fuck not? Also she's bought two lifetime reward and now she has like maybe 8,000 or so? Basically fuck yeah I'm having an awesome time.

I've gotten all the books I ordered. The first one came Wednesday. The next five came on Thursday. The door rang and my mom popped out of bed and was trying to figure out who was there. So of course my grandmother went the fuck out there and discovered that it was the UPS man. Me? I wasn't giving a fuck because I wasn't paying attention. But yeah I've got some books. I've got two on members of the Boleyn family, three on periods in English history, one on the Americans marrying English gentry, which I had already read, but I wanted a hard copy and the last one is on Margaret Sanger.

So um that's what's up with me at the moment. I didn't write anything today, but I need to post the fics I wrote for writerverse and I'm just now remembering that they were having a fucking bingo yesterday. Well fucking shit, I totally forgot. I think I have an absent minded trait haha.